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Go Nirvana-The Subhadra Devi Foundation is a not-for-profit, registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 organization in India.
The Foundation is the soul of a few individuals, pursuing their spiritual journey by creating a holistic approach for other creatures of Mother Nature, to protect humanity, save the environment, and provide the rights to animals that they deserve.
Mother nature has created the universe, assigning respective roles to its components viz. the sun has been created to spread light to the world, rivers to provide water – the elixir of life and they have been performing their duties relentlessly.
In the same way, humans have been created to use their wisdom to take care of other creatures. Unfortunately, the majority of humans have forgotten their assigned Divine duty. In the name of welfare, what the other creatures are getting is their very basic rights. Hence for we humans, it becomes the welfare of humanity and not the welfare of other creatures.

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Compassionate action can take many forms. Become a monthly donor for the support that helps us plan for the future. Volunteer with us to directly help take care of the animals, or adopt one of our rescues. This voiceless creature needs your help, and we want to make it easy for you to turn your desire to help into powerful actions contributing to the welfare of these animals.

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