Mission Nirvana

  • Estimated Project Cost: Rs. 15 Lakhs

  • Projected Finish Date: December 2021

“Every Child of mother nature deserve a respectful farewell”

I am also a father of 3 beautiful dogs and they are 10 yrs old. One thing always took my sleep away that one day my kids will leave me and I am ready for this truth and preparing myself for this. But I always wondered what will I do with their body, where will I bury them and the answer was there is no facility available for this and I have to bury them either in some dirty place or someplace which is very far away from the city and isolated and the place where I will not go often to remember my kids.

Whenever I am roaming in the city or going out of the city I always found dead animals on the street because of an intentional or non-intentional accident or because of other cruelty of humans towards “MAN’S BEST FRIEND”. And you know the treatment they are getting from us is: Multiple vehicles are crushing the dead body until it disappears or becomes the part of Tyre and road. Either the body will have to be decomposed in an open area or some hidden place and people just closing their nose and complaining about bad aroma and cleanliness drive of the city.

By the end of 2021 or before if required money is generated for this mission then GO NIRVANA will be providing in Jaipur:

  • A proper burial ground for pet animals and small street animals.
  • Electric cremation Machine for pet animals and small street animals.
  • Toll-free number – In which if you find any dead animal on the street, road, or any stink is coming from any hidden areas because of dead animals then GO NIRVANA team will come and pick the dead body and will provide “Respectable farewell”.
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