Mission Nirvana

“Every child of mother nature deserves a respectful farewell”

In the event wherein a deceased animal’s corps lies by a roadside and people just pass by, giving it a blind eye, complaining about the foul odor it produces, does it not become our moral duty to address the plight of the deceased and facilitate a respectful final journey for it??!! We feel it has to be our paramount duty! When it comes to addressing the final journey of a living being, there lies an obvious and glaring discrimination between the systems laid out by humans for themselves and the ones available for other living creatures

Options to be considered

Provision of animal crematoriums in every city.

What we do

1. In the absence of a crematorium, we are burying the homeless small animals with our ritual belief system.

2. Providing emotional support to pet parents in their difficult times when most of our city doesn’t have crematorium facilities available. Keeping this in mind, we provide all logistical support with compassion to perform the last rights gracefully.

Till 31st March 2023, we have buried 2460

Our Goal

1. To set up a crematorium.

2. To inspire society by presenting the ideal way of providing farewell to any living being without making any discrimination.