Our Mentors

Mrs. Timmie Kumar
Mrs. Timmie Kumar (Managing Trustee HIS)

Timmie Kumar has been very passionate about animals (especially dogs) since childhood and was a Founder/Trustee of Animal Lover’s Association in Agra where she lived and worked for the welfare of animals for ten years before moving to Jaipur.
She then started working with Help in Suffering (HIS) animal charity in Jaipur and took over as a Managing Trustee in 2002 making her the first Indian woman to hold the position.
She also introduced a range of merchandise to raise funds for animals at HIS.
She has received many awards for her work in Rajasthan, including one from Humane Society International in the United States in 2012.

Mrs. Dainee Mulloo
Mrs. Dainee MullooProduction & Service Manager- QUAD, Mauritius

I had a very busy and hectic day coming from work early evening, and I drove back home, hoping that I wouldn’t have any other calls from our dear customers…. I reached and open the gate to get my car inside.
Then I heard this oh so familiar voice in the back yard, and she came rushing to me with all her energy, eyes lit up, and jumping all around with joy, and barking with utter happiness.
You will never get this feeling of sheer joy, this kind of welcome, and warmth, not even from your family, after being away for only around 10 hours …
This one was my 9-year-old dog.
It is true that dogs are men’s best friend… we have heard so many stories about that!!
It turns out that the look of mutual recognition between human and dog reflects thousands of years of evolution, a bond programmed into our very body chemistry.

This bond can be traced back at least 15,000 to 30,000 years ago. Well, to be frank, nobody knows exactly when it began. It’s not enough to say that the relationship is symbiotic Love rarely touches the reasoning parts of the brain. It touches the dreamy parts, the devoted parts—it touches the parts we sometimes call the heart. For many thousands of years, it’s been and will remain the place for them. It has been proven that having a dog (or for that matter any pet) often improves your health. By just petting or touching your dog, releases hormones that can lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.  They will be the first to sense and to feel your different moods. Then why should we let them wander, uncared for, in the rain, and cold, the scorching sun, walking around with sad eyes, looking for water, food, and care?? So many times they are exposed to accidents, ill-treatment, and bacteria.

So, I believe that Go Nirvana Foundation is doing a fantastic and wonderful job by what their project is all about – paying our heavy debts to them for their several years of loyal companionship,  by giving their soul (because YES they do have souls), respect, and show our gratitude, in the form of a shelter, care, and love. It’s a really laudable venture, which I would like to support, and request all of you out there to do so. Because we love THEM, for all that they are, all that they stand for, and all that they give…

Mrs. Purnima Rao Mundel
Mrs. Purnima Rao MundelJaipur

A retired senior officer from one of the leading PSU of Rajasthan and currently engaged in consultancy, my forte is PR, CSR and Skill Development.
A die hard animal lover, an avid reader and an enthusiastic traveller I am all for the cause that Nirvana stands for..and much more!