Mission Help

  • Estimated Project Cost: Rs. 5 Lakhs

  • Projected Date of Beginning: Ongoing

One of my brothers has a prosthetic leg and I have seen pain and joy both because of his current leg but he has hope and most importantly he is a human and “Human has all the medical facility” but why it is not available for animals? This question came to my mind when the doctor said we have to surgically cut BHOLI’s leg and I was not able to accept this fact and started searching for the best facility and treatment available for her but again the answer was “BHOLI IS AN ANIMAL AND NOT A HUMAN” and human development is all about their own luxury.

Dr. Tapesh Mathur & Dr. Rakesh Mishra are doing incredible jobs in this area and this was the hope for me. And I have decided to advance this research under the guidance of persons like Dr.Tapesh Mathur or any other professional and provide the best prosthetic legs to animals and provide them a house where their parents can take care of him with his new leg.

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