Mission Help

Dogs who manage to survive on roads need basic support comprising food and specific medical requirements to pursue their journey.
The dogs who live freely on the street can manage their food requirements because of the existing ecosystem and the availability of numerous dog feeders.
The dogs living on the streets suffer from food shortages whenever the existing system collapses viz. pandemic, curfew, inclement weather, etc.

Options to be considered:

1. In consultation with the local feeders and NGOs, the government should make provisions to create designated feeding points for dogs and other animals so that no human-animal conflict arises.

2. In the health section the government should create well-structured and equipped Hospitals consisting of boarding facilities or it should identify well-qualified NGOs and partner with them to implement the project.

What we do:

1. During the COVID pandemic our food van remained on the streets from 6 am – 9 pm catering to hungry dogs.

2. The vulnerable dogs are brought to the shelter and given the requisite treatment. After their rehabilitation, if they are fit to be released, the same is done.

Our Goal:

1. To create a multi-specialty hospital.