Truth Be Told

Her education showed me the path of spirituality. During my college days, my mother passed away and it was that moment when I started searching for eternal peace. The solitude and isolation in her absence led me to start from that moment, about the meaning of life, value, beliefs, and faith. In the series, I followed many spiritual leaders, healers, institutions,s, and holy places but no one was able to clarify what life is? Is it painful or rejoicing?

Ohh!!!  Another thing worth mentioning is that from my childhood I was in deep love with dogs because I always felt secure and complete around dogs.

At the beginning of 2013 and the search continued. In search of the meaning of life, I met someone. “We all have heard that someday, someone we meet who plays a crucial role in our life”. The same happened to me. I met a guy, who was a meditator and we both started working together. I can say that it was a bonding of both persons in a professional career and spiritual learning. I found that guy was very humble and his approach was matching with my mother Mrs. Subhadra Devi.

Later, in 2016 he motivated me for a meditation course and that was the turning point of my life because I got a way to find out the answer to my own question.

I started meditating not with full effort but with time my dedication was improving. In 2020 after the beginning of Covid 19, like others, I was also having the same luxury to relax at home. During that time, I have dedicated more time to meditation and because of no other external disturbance, my own house became exile remote place or like a meditation center. During that time, I became sharper in my meditation time and the first strange incident was that I lost my sleep and with time I lost my 100% sleep and my body uses to be in bed but the mind was fully awake (I can remember at a stretch for a month I have not slept for almost a single hour in a day. The second incident was during my meditation period tears rolled out and the same was happening when I used to go on any thought process. The third incident was during my meditation time I could see the suffering of animals because of the act of insensitive behavior of humans towards animals.

I discussed my ongoing situation with my friends and family. Most of them suggested me to meet a psychiatrist and I went through all those medicines but nothing was working out and a dose of drugs was like I was always “HIGH”. I met a few meditation teachers but they also could not do much.

One day I was at Help in suffering (HIS), an NGO, and I saw a young lady carrying a dog and her clothes were fully drenched with blood, so I approached her for help and together with help of the staff of HIS, dog surgery started and during that time I came to know the name of the dog is “BHOLI” and she was hit by a car which led to this injury. Surgery started, but inside my mind, a series of questions were blending “She is an animal, and doesn’t she has any right or way to express her pain or anger?  It’s a fact that if anything happens to human beings they stand for human rights, but why humans don’t do candle march for an animal? Why the insane people are roaming freely and harming animals? If someone has not done unintentionally, can’t they spend a few minutes to bring an injured animal to the hospital? Why are we always so much busy in our life that we can’t even help those who cannot even express their pain?”

Journey of BHOLI

Later, the doctor advised to surgically cut her injured leg as it was leading to infection. She lost her one leg but the story doesn’t end here and after one month she underwent 3 surgeries one after another.

Finally, she had to travel between my house to that lady’s house for her survival because we have decided that we will not leave Bholi on Street. Anyway, Bholi is in recovery mode and waiting for her new house. I was in search of my answer and one day in some moment with Bholi I have realized that this is my purpose in life and this will be a true tribute to “THE GREAT SUBHDARA DEVI”.

This has led to the genesis of “GO NIRVANA” and by this, I will continue the legacy of Subhadra Devi.