Core Team Members

Dr. Archana Paswan
Dr. Archana PaswanDirector, Go Nirvana Foundation

Dr. Archana is a renowned Academician, Researcher, and Media Industry, Consultant. With an experience of over a decade of Industry and Teaching, she is having a flair for research and writing. An avid reader, a prolific writer, and an eminent researcher; she has in her kitty she published and launched a book on Event Management named “ Magnificent Revenue Option for Niche Magazine: Events” also 19 research papers in Journals of International repute, 18 research paper presentations in National and International Conference, various keynote addresses and chairing sessions in conferences. She is an active member of the Editorial Board of various International Journals and Board of Studies. Having an MBA in Communications Management from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication and a Doctorate in Mass Communication from The IIS University, Jaipur; she began her career with Industry exposure and worked with various reputed organizations and projects followed by entering into the arena of teaching and research. Presently she is associated with Amity University Rajasthan in the Department of Mass Communication. During her career, she has worked with various eminent Groups and renowned firms along with various State and International Government sectors which include Rajasthan Government, Gujarat Government, Jharkhand Government, Mauritius Tourism Department, Indian Oil Mauritius, MTNL Mauritius, Ishanaya, Marvels, ACC Cement, Kirloskar, etc.

Sandeep Saraswat, Associated with veterinary pharmaceuticals since 1994. For the last 16 years working in core animal nutrition, working in Northan, Central, West region of India. Having rich experience in biological (vaccines) Therapeutics medicines and Nutritional solutions in the veterinary industry. Worked with leading pharmaceuticals and nutritional companies in different positions. Also consulting veterinary pharmaceutical companies for their operations and freelancer trainer for sales and skills.

Sandeep Saraswat
Sandeep SaraswatPharma Advisor
Ar. Qumit Singh
Ar. Qumit SinghArchitect
Qumit Singh is an ambitious and young Architect and Interior Designer. He graduated from MNIT Jaipur and is currently pursuing his masters in Sustainable Architecture from Central university of Rajasthan. Working around a number of various projects trying to create a name and identity for himself in the market. Having his love for mother nature, he has decided to try and help the children of nature as much as he can. He believes that a handful of people can actually make a difference as once you lead for a cause, the others will eventually follow. This is his leap of faith and a stepping stone to try and reduce sufferings to our beloved four-legged friends and perhaps give them a farewell they deserve.

Mariam Abuhaideri: Advocate for Animal Welfare and Community Coexistence

Mariam Abuhaideri is a dedicated animal activist with a passion for cruelty response, policy reform, and community awareness. A proud alumna of the University of West Georgia, Johns Hopkins University SAIS, and Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy, Mariam brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong educational foundation to her work in the field of animal rights.

In 2020, Mariam made a life-changing decision to relocate to Jaipur, where she found herself drawn to the cause of animal welfare. Initially volunteering for a local organization, she quickly became an integral part of the team due to her commitment and expertise. Witnessing the alarming rates of cruelty against animals in the state, Mariam decided to formalize her involvement in the animal rights sector, driven by a desire to address and combat these issues.

With a deep understanding of animal protection laws, Mariam has become the go-to person for media and public inquiries regarding animal welfare matters. Her expertise extends to policy advocacy, where she actively works towards reforms that promote the well-being of animals and ensure a more compassionate society.

One of Mariam’s notable contributions is the founding of the Share the World Festival, a unique event that encourages humans to coexist harmoniously with animals. This festival serves as a platform to raise awareness, foster understanding, and promote a vision of a world where all living beings can share the planet peacefully.

As a social entrepreneur, Mariam is currently focused on finding innovative ways to support NGOs in becoming major recipients of charity and donations. Her goal is to create sustainable funding models that empower organizations working tirelessly for animal welfare.

Mariam Abuhaideri’s journey from a concerned individual to a passionate advocate reflects her unwavering commitment to creating a world where animals are treated with respect and kindness. Through her work, she envisions a future where humans and animals coexist in harmony, and her efforts serve as an inspiration for others to join the cause of animal welfare and protection.

Mariam Abuhaideri
Mariam AbuhaideriHead Legal & outreach
Naresh Motwani (Sanju)
Naresh Motwani (Sanju)