Mission No More


We at Go Nirvana firmly believe in not disrupting the cycle of nature. Our motto has always been not to interfere as much as possible in this process. But after years
of experience remaining in the field, we have realized that there exists a huge gap in terms of the demand and supply of the basic facilities needed for animals to sustain decent survival.

We do realize that the needed facilities cannot be created overnight. Hence the best viable solution is to try and control the ever-growing population of dogs on the streets and simultaneously strive to create better facilities for the existing population of dogs.

Options to be considered

Running of a well-laid-out Animal Birth Control Program by the government, in association with various NGOs working in the field.

What do we do?

1. We haven’t been able to achieve any significant feat in the Animal Birth Control Program due to the non-availability of the license to carry on with the program.
We have rescued 1000-plus dogs from various quarters and have treated them at our facility for various ailments. Before releasing, we got them almost 500+ sterilized from an authorized organization.

2. We have educated the street dog feeders about the importance of Animal Birth Control and have provided all possible logistic support from time to time to help the cause.

Our Goal

1.  To acquire a license to undertake an Animal Birth Control Program.

3. To try and acquire the tender of the government of the Animal Birth Control Program and run the same on an ideal module that can act as case study material for the Nation

2. To develop our existing infrastructural facility as per the guidelines of AWBI.

4. As a genesis Go Nirvana Foundation has pledged to allocate fifty percent of its budget to the Animal Birth Control Program.