Mission Home

  • Estimated Project Cost: Rs. 50 Lakhs

  • Projected Finish Date: December 2023

When BHOLI was in bad condition, it was decided to take her to my home for better care but after some time I got Covid positive and I was hopeless at that time as to where will BHOLI go now because I have to take BHOLI every day to the hospital for her treatment. I have tried all the best possible things but nothing was working out. A guy AJAY came into the picture and he said he could keep BHOLI in his house for a week but my quarantine period was for a month and BHOLI could stay there for a week only. After a week BHOLI traveled to Prachi’s house (The girl who rescued BHOLI from the street).

Mission Home inspiration came to my mind because of BHOLI ongoing condition and I have decided to make a sanctuary (A forever home) where only abandoned animals, animals who can not live their life on the streets, animals who need a homely environment during their long treatment period would be able to live peacefully.

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